Piacere, sono


Nice to meet you! I am happy to find you here, this means you are just as crazy about Italy as I am. Born in the Netherlands, grown up in Italy and living in Germany at the moment. Keeping the best memories from all countries, but Italy keeps me inspired till this day. I love to cook and travel. I love to see the beauty of life! I grew up in a little village in the Tuscan Chianti region, near Florence and I would love to share my experiences, the good food and some Italian flair with you. My ultimate dream would be to enjoy life on a Tuscan Farm again, but for now... Enjoy life! Godetivi la vita!

What they are


"She´s a great cook, her recipes are wonderfull and Suzan has the right knowledge to homestead. Keep the great work going! I love to read your blogs weekly"

"You can clearly see she´s in love with Italy. Wonderfull blog to get new inspiration about the Italian farm lifestyle"

"Suzan has the most beatiful website. Easy to get lost in het stories and nice recipes for a Sunday afternoon cooking"

" I love to read this Blog!"